About Us

Our mission at Seascape Physical Therapy & Seascape Village Fitness is to offer clients a friendly, safe, and professional environment where everyone can identify and pursue their path to sustainable fitness. Whether it’s losing weight, improving athletic performance, or just feeling and functioning better; we can help.

Our new approach to exercise will help you achieve your personal goals regardless of your body weight, level of fitness, physical challenges, or motivation. And you’ll have fun in the process. We offer state-of-the-art fitness equipment, private and semi-private personal training, group exercise, athletic conditioning, and other health-related services such as massage, dietary counseling, and physical education. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, professional and dedicated to customer service.

Our Company Story

“Seascape Village Fitness is the culmination of a life long dream which started around the Tucker Family dinner table.  Both my parents were very active and raised their children with a deep appreciation for physical activity and the great outdoors.  My father was a man who loved to dream. I can remember many times sitting around the table talking about creating a family business.  We fantasized about building water parks, swim centers, bottled water companies, and health and fitness related businesses.  As it turned out, three of their four children established careers in the Health Industry.  I became a Physical Therapist, and my two sisters became Registered Nurses with one of them also becoming a Dietitian.  Coincidentally, I married Kathy, a nurse.

“Nine years ago Kathy and I started Seascape Physical Therapy and Fitness Studio. We both had spent many years working in corporate health care and had become frustrated with the complex and impersonal approach to patient care.  We spent more time treating the chart than we did our patients.  When we opened our new business our primary focus was to provide quality, personalized care to our patients.  We listen and give them our undivided attention. This model is successful because our patients know we care.

“As a life long athlete, I have always had an interest in fitness and wellness.  When we opened our new business in 2003, I began to offer personalized fitness training in addition to physical therapy services.  This was a natural fit.  Our patients could now continue to progress their exercise programs in safe and supportive environment and regain their prior level of functional.  Business is so good we have now grown out of our humble little studio.

“In January of 2012 TheraFit Inc. was born. Therapy and Fitness, the continuum.  Seascape Village Fitness is the perfect place for people who value exercise but are not comfortable in the traditional “big box” gym setting.  We provide a safe, supportive, and affective exercise environment with a Family feel.

“The dream has finally come true.  Thanks Mom & Dad.”

—Jim Tucker